Hello lovelies.

Are you a writing looking to read some new work or want to take your mind off your own/outstanding queries? Want to help another (pretty awesome if I do say so myself, 4 out of 5 writers agree) guy make a novel great? Well, I’m looking for you!


This is a unique post and a call for a beta reader or a CP for a novel I’m working on. Long story short, its a massive rewrite. The novel was written some months ago, and got a lot of agent interest but was turned down for reasons I couldn’t really comprehend when I wrote it, but now am able to revise. The revisions I’m doing will result in a major shift, the novel shifting from YA to Adult (the voice is better themed for it, and the topic matter is better fitting in the adult genre).

This is my first adult novel, so there is a little apprehension, excitement, and fear–but I love the story so much I’m willing to dive into the unknown for it.

But I have previous ties to the novel, so I can’t look at it completely objectively. I’m looking for a beta reader (or if you wanna swap) a CP who is willing to do a chapter-by-chapter review as I send them.


I dont want to put too much detail out there but the novel is basically:



Orphan Black.

 with a dash of black mirror

It revolves around a world where people can buy neural chips that allow complete control over your brain function (You can adjust your olfactory receptiveness, review memories, etc). Thought Crimes–an epidemic of people getting their chips hacked and forcing them to do, say, or reveal things against their will, is a major underground criminal movement. Our MC becomes victim of one of these crimes, ends up killing his boyfriend, and must prove to the police he was hacked. And that’s the easy part of the story.


I’m very open minded on who I take, but there are a few things you should know/I’m looking for. I think it is good to be up front about these things when looking for someone to go on the ride with you.

  • I’m request chapter-by-chapter review. Straight forward.
  • I’m a huge fan of compliment sandwiches. The bread (the good things) can be short and sweet, and the meat, extensive and ruthless–but please end and start on a good note.
  • This is Science Fiction, but it also has an LGBTQ identifying main character.
  • Main character also 17 (this can change depending on the reveiw, if you think the character should be older, etc. I’m not really tied to this, but keep that in mind.)
  • There is violence–not a shit ton of it, but there is violence.
  • I’m looking to have this novel polished and done with the process by mid August. I’m ideally looking to submit this to #Pitchwars (check it out if you’re a fellow writer!)


If you also want your work reviewed–great! I’m happy to help in return. I read YA, or ADULT. But if YA I only read Contemporary, Science Fiction, or Urban Fantasy. If Adult, Science Fiction is really all I read. BUT i’m willing to expand, of course.

Some of my favorite adult books are – A Winter’s Tale, Time Travelers Wife, Atonement, Never Let Me Go.

Some of my favorite YA books are – The Mortal Instruments, If I Stay, Spectacular Now, Aristotle and Dante, Proxy

So that’s it! IF you’re interested you can @ me on Twitter, DM me (My DMs are open to all), or respond to the post here! I’m willing to send a 2000-5000 word sample for you to read over before hand to see if we click well, of course.

Thanks to anyone who answers this! May our words be filled with beauty and our stories amazing.


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