Pitch Wars Menteee Bio 2015

It is that time of year! 2015! Equality is through America, we have equal housing, another Clinton (or a Biden?) might be in office–and it’s hot as hell.

Oh, and Pitch Wars 2015 is underway. Don’t know what it is? Has a polished MS? Wanna make amazing friends? Then click right up there!

This is my Mentee bio! Get to know me, comment (fellow authors or mentors), hit me up on twitter (@KosokoJackson) and let us make ever lasting connections.

And now, let’s enjoy the show.


My name is Kosoko. I hail from Washington D.C. (and depending on the day you talk to me, I’ll say its the greatest or worst city in the world). I work in politics, and have been doing so for the past…3 years. I’m lucky, that a lot of my jobs focus on computers and the digital world (I work in communications) so I spend far too much time online.

All my work, since it is a huge part of me, is strongly based in the #WNDB camp. My novels, no matter the genre, always have LGBT main characters, because I believe youth needs these characters. Where are my boy loving Harry Potters? Or my bisexual, love triangle Katniss’? Diversity, and making things unique, new and fresh is always important to me. Push me, challenge me, I won’t break. I’ll meet you half way–and then more.

My work is mainly Contemporary (and my last work has been) but I write everything. If it interests me, and sticks with me I’ll invest in it. current WIPs include: urban fantasy, historical fantasy, or my bread and butter favorite category, sci-fi. Even if we only become friends, or chat a few times this means no matter what you write, if we click personality wise (which I’m sure we will!) I’m willing to help, to the best of my ability. I’m not a one trick pony.

As for accolades, I don’t have much but I 2 personal essays under my belt from widely read websites (Thought Catalog & The Advocate). I also have one short story published in RFD publications, a LGBT magazine.


I, like many writers, have strengths and weaknesses, learning how to strengthen those weaknesses and turn them into strengths is probably the greatest thing I can learn from this.

I’m a strong ENFP, which leads to being very passionate about everything (including rewrites). Mentors–or fellow writers–this means I will always be in your corner. I’ll be your padawan and your greatest ally (and friend).

I’m a master brainstormer. If you’re looking for a mentee who is willing to answer your questions with options, a wide thought process, and equal amount of “questions” thrown back at you in a Socratic method, then I’m your guy.


I’m a Slytherin (and I’m proud of that). Slytherin’s are about ambition, drive, and goals. Every house has their bad parts. Slytherin’s are just known for their bad. Lemme change that.

I’d probably get 5th place in The Hunger Games.

I’m (sadly) Amity with a touch of Dauntless. Kind and brave, this has to translate into writing…

I’m House Tyrell…

d17b8d60-a25a-0131-9241-6255af7b4d71(but would probably work with the Lannisters)…

Rachel Duncan is the most bad ass clone.

I want to intern with Claire Underwood.

Amy Dunne is one of my favorite book characters.

Emma Frost is my favorite X Men. Women Woman is my favorite DC hero. But Scarlet Witch will always hold a close place in my heart.


My dream job would be becoming the next C.J. Cregg if writing doesn’t pan out.

I’m a huge feminist, human rights, sci-fi nerd. Did you notice all the women in my gifs and favs? DID YOU?

BONUS: Chuck Bass will always, sinfully, have a place in my heart. And Blaire Waldorf!

Thanks so much for reading this! I’m always up for meeting new friends, CPs, Betas, or just friends!



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