Ever since he could remember, Kosoko wanted to be an author. From writing 3 page stories and reading them to his parents during Wheel of Fortune (at the age of 6), to writing a novella in the back of High School American History, writing has been his focus. It wasn’t until 2013 when he seriously decided to start making writing his profession.

With the desire to create authentic, three-dimensional LGBT main character in Young Adult literature–where the stories were about characters who happen to be gay, not about being gay–he dabbled in all genres. Keeping in that same vein, Kosoko’s work lives in the intersection of upmarket young adult with intersectional views, characters, and real world social justice questions.

Currently, Kosoko is finishing up his college degree with a BS in Public Health and a double minor in Communications & History, and works for Rock the Vote as a digital media associate. He enjoys movies (& saw 83 movies in 2016, aiming for 100 in 2017), indie music, and the existential crisis of being a black gay hipster–who hates camping.


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